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As one of the foundational styles for any dance form, ballet is great for children and adults to learn and work on the following elements as well as discipline; Posture, muscle toning, proper dance technique, timing/ musicality. Adult and kids classes are open classes, taught along the Cecchetti method of dance. Internal assesments are offered for the kids classes to monitor their progress while the adult classes are only on a "social" basis

Beginner Jazz- all ages:

Jazz dancing is a form of dance that showcases an individual’s personality while learning energetic, fun steps in combinations including fancy footwork, big jumps and fast spins.

Jazz classes are taught on the Dance-ed International syllabus by qualified instructors. Levels range from introductory levels 1-4 and preparatory levels 1-3. Examinations in all levels are optional but recommended. Students will be required to also complete assignments which will build their general knowledge of dancing as well as the dance industry and prepare them for a long-term career in dance.

Belly Dancing: 

    • Come join us for creative movement and exercise in a positive and fun setting! Instruction includes focus on posture and alignment; developing strong and graceful arms and hands; intricate hip articulations and abdominal work; articulated isolations, pops and locks; serpentine undulations and curving patterns of the body; dynamic shimmies, turns and step combinations; musicality and emotional expression. 
    • World Fusion Belly Dance builds on a foundation of Oriental Belly Dance, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance and American Tribal Style Belly Dance and also draws influences from around the world. From modern styles like Hip Hop and Dance Theatre to ancient styles like Polynesian and Indian Dance, with a little Jazz, Ballet, African and various other styles in the mix, World Fusion Belly Dance combines respect for tradition with 21st Century innovation to bring you a dance form that unifies and embraces our world's cultures and weaves an intricate tapestry of visual art.


Contemporary is a highly expressive form of dance which covers floor work as well as centre work while telling a story with your body. It requires core stability as well as a certain level of flexibility as movements are usually quite abstract. While it is not recommended for people who have not danced before,anyone is welcome to come and try for themselves.  Classes are open to all ages and we are starting our beginner adult class this year (2018)

Dance Fitness:

Dance Fitness is a class tailored to people who want to get fit but who don’t necessarily enjoy going to the gym. It covers a variety of different dance styles on a month to month basis (hip hop, latin, freestyle, contemporary/jazz, bollywood etc) and also includes full body toning excercises at the end of each class. It’s another fun way to get in shape while learning simple dance routines and does not focus on as much cardiovascular excercises as Zumba, but is a balance between cardio and toning.

Hip Hop

From breakdancing to funk to animation to popping and locking, Hip Hop encompasses a wide range of styles. Our classes are for kids or adults respectively and we focus not only on learning tricks and routines but the very basics of dancing and grooves- learning to count music, learning how to feel the rhythm and leaning how to DANCE. All ages welcome.

Indian Dance classes

Nateshwar Dance Academy is a Durban-based Indian Dance School which celebrates 35 years of years. We specialize in Kathak (North Indian Classical Dance), Folk and Bollywood. We are based in Bryanston and Sunninghill.

For more info re kids or adult classes, email Devitha Dehaloo on nateshwar.gp@gmail.com

Kids ballet:

As one of the foundational styles for any dance form, ballet is great for children and adults to learn and work on the following elements as well as discipline; Posture, muscle toning, proper dance technique, timing/ musicality. Kids classes are RAD syllabus and will be able to be entered into exams as of this year. We are now offering beginner kids classes (age 5-10) and intermediate Kids classes (age 11-14). We will also hold an open "technique"class for students not wanting to do exams.


Beginner and intermediate classes taught. You don't have to have a partner to join either of these classes. Learn the basics of Cha Cha, Jive, Salsa, Samba, Charleston, Hustle, Waltz, Foxtrot and Tango.


Tap dancing is one of the most enjoyable and liberating forms of dance. It relies on the dancer creating rhythms and beats with their feet. Tap dancing helps improve co-ordination and musicality in a dancer.

Classes are currently for beginners but will expand to incorporate more advanced dancers as the year goes on. Only Kids classes available

Tiny tots:

For children aged between 2,5 to 6 years old, Tiny Tots focuses on the basics of dancing: pointing the toes, jumps, spins, stretching, splits and simple dance routines where they will learn to count the music. Children would filter into either the lyrical, contemporary, hip hop or jazzclasses from this class.


Party yourself into shape and join the world renowned Latin-inspired dance fitness phenomenon- Zumba, facilitated by our trained and passionate Zumba instructors. You’ll be having so much fun you won’t even realize you are working out! If your goals are weight loss, body toning, stress relief, improved confidence and to have fun, then Zumba is perfect for you.

 Steps are basic and easy to follow. It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. There are no wrong moves  in Zumba... Just let the music move you to a healthier, fitter, sexier you. Come try your first class for free. We guarantee that you will love it!


Private lessons:

One on one lessons between yourself and the instructor. please advise which style so the correct teacher may be booked

Corporate performances:

For any other corporate entertainment enquiries please contact our preferred supplier Tailormade group: