World of Dance

When in doubt, dance it out



Situated in Sunninghill Village Shopping Centre, World of Dance is a hub for a multitude of different dance styles. No matter whether you are a complete beginner or a professional dancer, World of Dance is a place for everyone. Classes range from tiny tots (two and a half to five years old) all the way to adult ballet (our oldest student was 65! So no excuses...)

I am exceptionally passionate about the future of dancing in South Africa and believe that given the right foundations, our children will be able to take dance as a career to heights we never imagined. Having started as a rhythmic gymnast at age 5, I have been involved in the arts for over 23 years now (one way or another). Even though my passion shifted to dancing only at age 13, performing is in my blood and I hope to instil that same love and dedication to being on stage to our younger students of today.

Personally, I believe anyone can dance, no matter how young or old; so whether you are looking for your child to learn basic techniques or you yourself want to have some fun and get fit and toned all while learning different dance styles, we cater to everyone's needs. Private solo and group classes are available in addition to our weekly classes offered.

So what are you waiting for? Join us at World of Dance and never miss a chance to dance

Looking forward to seeing you in class

Corinne Lalouette

Owner- World of Dance